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I'm a 20 years old bird (born 2000) photographer born in Oslo, Norway but living in Kalmar, Sweden since I was a little kid. At an early stage of my life I got interested in the nature, and especially animals. Reading book after book about animals as well as having my own small binoculars, I already was a birder at a young age without knowing about it.


But it was´nt until I was 15 years old that I contacted with  Kalmar ornithological society, where I got to know similar minded people as well as doing trips and excursions with the club. Jan Ottoson, the chairman of KOF, was the one that took me out weekend after weekend, learned me everything he could, showed me different localities and opened up oppertunities for me to really dig deep into birding! Without Jan there´s no doubt that I would´nt be were I am today, or perhaps, that I had choosen another hobby.... Today I have a deep interest of birding in many aspects , but in most of the times when getting out just birding, it ends up with pure photography and not looking for rarities etc. ... I really try to concentrate on my photography nowadays to hopefully suceceed with it in some way or another in the future!   


As a photographer I really like to work a lot with colours, creativity, low levels and to get the photo as clean as possible! The aim with the photos, expect for my my personal reasons, is to inspire and engage people with the beauty of the birds and teach my knowledge in a funny and easy way at the same time! This spring, 2021 will maybe be the last time that I can almost fully focus on my photography and projects, before I hopefully start to study in the autumn! I hope you want to follow me in to the nature and the amazing world of birds and my way to capture them! 

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2021 - Long interview with Swedish radio `Naturmorgon`- Kalmar, Sweden

2020 - 4 pages in Båstad summermagazine 

2019 - Young nordic nature photographer of the year- Oslo, Norway

2019 - Club 300 trip winner to Lebanon

2018- Club 300 trip winner to Besh barmag - Azerbaijan


Tel: 0729934366

Im open for discussion about everything that´s

nature/photo related,  just contact me and I´ll do my best! 


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